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Crab Swing
The lobster is a fantasy and beautiful crab with a gentle slope. It has been produced with a quality and soft product for children’s entertainment.
Crab, beautiful and attractive with a variety of colors to attract every child’s attention. The product is made of polyethylene and resembles a real swing, which was one of the busiest and most exciting elements in parks and playgrounds years ago. The child experiences a lot of fun by being in the playground and communicating with the crab. Swinging is undoubtedly one of the essential elements of the game environment, as the child’s eyes certainly look for a beautiful swinging. The child consumes a lot of energy when playing with Swinging and reduces nervous and aggressive disorders.

The two-color swivel has been used to make children happy and age-appropriate, which has attracted children to these products and has a high impact on the child’s spirit and spirit. Also ergonomic features, high quality of materials used, high security and The child’s health is fully considered in the production of these children’s play equipment.

Attributes :
Great color combination
The price is right
Durability and longevity

Novin Gostar Industrial Group was founded by a group of experts in the field of urban furniture and children’s playground equipment. After analyzing the needs of the domestic market, the design and production of suitable indoor space structures was undertaken to raise the quality and lower prices than imported samples. Thanks to Almighty God and the use of young, yet experienced, forces, the indoor unit and indoor amusement unit have completed many successful projects so far. The team of young and Novin Toys experts with lean ideas is ready for free consultation and equipping amusement and kindergarten.


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